Unraveling the Mysteries of Instagram’s Algorithms: A Comprehensive Guide

The riddle of Instagram’s algorithm is a topic that many creators would like to decipher. Two years ago, this popular social network gave some hints on how suggestions are ranked on the platform. Today, Instagram is sharing more information about how its algorithms work, because yes, there’s not just one, but several. Each part of the app has its own system: whether it’s for Reels, Stories, the news feed, or Explore. Let’s discover together how this works! And remember, if you’re a business or an influencer, the web agency The Good Lead, located in NY, can manage your Instagram account, with a guarantee of targeted follower gain each month, ranging from 200 to 2000 depending on the account.

Instagram’s Reels Algorithm

The Reels, influenced by the TikTok format, use an algorithm quite similar to that of the famous ByteDance application. The majority of Reels are chosen based on your interests, rather than the accounts you follow. Here are the key factors considered:

Your Activity: The algorithm assesses the type of content you might enjoy based on the videos you’ve liked, saved, shared, and commented on.

Your Interactions with the Video Creator: Instagram considers that if you have already interacted with the user, you might be interested in their content.

Information on the Reel: A Reel that experiences widespread success will be more prominently featured.

Information on the Reel Creator: A popular creator (with a large number of followers, high engagement levels, etc.) will have their content recommended more often.

Instagram’s Stories Algorithm

You’ve probably noticed: the Stories of certain users often appear as a priority in your dedicated section. To rank them, Instagram starts by eliminating those that violate community rules, then prioritizes the remaining Stories based on the following criteria:

Viewing History: If you’ve watched a user’s Story multiple times, their account will be given priority.

Engagement: The app also takes into account your interaction with a user’s Stories through likes or direct messages.

Proximity: Instagram tries to determine your closeness to the user based on the nature of your relationship on the platform.

Instagram’s News Feed Algorithm

Instagram’s main feed has evolved over the years, giving increased importance to suggestions. The platform therefore seeks to find a balance between followed accounts and recommended ones, as well as between different formats (photos, carousels, videos). To do this, the algorithm identifies “signals” based on your behavior. The most significant ones are:

Your Activity: Instagram tries to understand your preferences based on the content you’ve liked, shared, commented on, or saved.

The Nature of the Post: Just like with Reels, a post that experiences great public success will be featured. However, Instagram will also take into account more neutral factors like the date of the post or the location.

Your Relationship with the Creator: If you interact with the creator indirectly (by liking their content, for example) or directly (by commenting on their posts or chatting with them privately), their posts will be recommended to you more often. Instagram, however, ensures not to overwhelm you with content from the same user.

Instagram’s Explore Algorithm

Explore, as its name suggests, is a section designed to help you discover new content. It’s therefore a part dedicated to suggestions, which is crucial for creators looking to broaden their community. The factors taken into account by the Explore algorithm are:

Information on the Post: The most important criterion is the popularity of the post. The signals of likes, shares, and comments have, according to Instagram, “much more importance in Explore than in the news feed or Stories.”

Your Activity in Explore: The social network takes into account your interactions with the content posted in this specific section.

The Creator’s Popularity : Once again, a popular creator on the platform will have better visibility on Explore.

How to Influence the Content You See on Instagram

The way you interact with the suggested posts and creators will have a significant impact on the recommended content. However, some specific actions can help you influence the posts you will be exposed to. Instagram suggests the following actions:

Add accounts to your favorites list: their posts will then appear higher in your news feed.

Choose the right feed: by default, you have access to the Home feed on the platform. However, two other options (Following or Favorites) allow you to access content without suggestion. To do this, click on the Instagram icon in the top left of your app.

Take a 30-day break from suggestions: you can do this by clicking on the X icon that appears above the suggested content, then choosing to Temporarily hide all suggested posts in the feed for 30 days.

Activate mute mode: this allows you to hide content from certain accounts that you are not interested in.

With the right understanding and approach to Instagram’s algorithms, you can effectively enhance your online presence, increase engagement, and grow your audience. Remember, if you need assistance with your Instagram account, the web agency The Good Lead, located in NY, offers a comprehensive Instagram management service, with a monthly guarantee of targeted follower gains. Make the most of your Instagram experience!

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