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Begin your social media journey with our ‘Starter Package,’ ideal for self-management with professional guidance and support.

Starter Package – Empower Your Social Media Presence

Embark on a self-guided social media adventure with our ‘Starter Package.’ Designed for those who prefer to manage their own social platforms but need a solid foundation and professional direction to get started.

Key Features:

  1. Social Media Setup and Strategy:
    • Creation of post templates and an efficient posting strategy.
    • Initial setup and optimization of social media profiles.
  2. Engagement and Growth Support:
    • Management of likes, comments, follows, and unfollows to boost your profile’s engagement.
    • Guaranteed minimum of 150 targeted followers per month.
  3. Monthly Debrief:
    • 20-minute monthly video conference to review progress and strategize.
    • Ongoing guidance and recommendations for content and engagement.
  4. Self-Management Empowerment:
    • Training and resources to help you effectively manage your social media.
    • Strategies for maintaining and growing your online presence.

Conclusion: Our ‘Starter Package’ is the perfect launchpad for those new to social media management or small businesses looking to grow their online presence with professional backing.