Meta Innovates for SMEs: Spotlight on New Features for WhatsApp Business, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger

Easier Facebook and Instagram Ad Creation with WhatsApp Business

In today’s competitive landscape, businesses are constantly seeking effective and simplified ways to reach their customers. It is with this in mind that Meta is introducing a new feature for SMEs, aiming to streamline the creation of ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Prior to this innovation, the process required the use of the Ad Manager, a step often perceived as complex, especially for small businesses. But the game is changing now. According to a recent Meta blog post, the company plans to allow businesses to design an entire ad from the WhatsApp Business app. This is a significant advancement, particularly for small businesses looking to attract new customers and grow.

Boosting Instagram Posts and Optimized Prospect Filtering

In the same vein of simplification and efficiency, Meta introduced a new option last September to boost Instagram posts redirecting to WhatsApp. This strategy aims to maximize the exposure of these posts and attract more users to WhatsApp conversations.

Alongside this, Meta is introducing a new filtering tool for prospects. With this feature, integrated into Instant Forms (Lead Ads Instant Forms), businesses will be able to identify quality leads more easily. Meta explains that responses to a multiple-choice question can be used to eliminate leads that do not meet the business’s expectations.

Flexible Instant Forms and Exclusive Content for Better Conversion

For better prospect conversion, Meta is currently working on a new type of Instant Form. More flexible and adaptable, it will allow businesses to add visual elements and content. By providing more visual information about their activity, businesses could captivate prospects’ attention more and potentially increase their conversion rate.

Additionally, Meta also plans to give businesses the possibility to offer exclusive content. For example, once the Instant Form Lead Ads is filled out, users will be able to download additional resources, such as a brochure or a product’s prices. This will be done directly from the form, without having to redirect users to the business’s website.

Deployment Scheduled for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

All these new features, aiming to help SMEs more effectively connect with their customers and grow their business, will be deployed in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Although Meta has not yet communicated a specific launch date, these innovations are eagerly anticipated by businesses looking to strengthen their online presence and improve their customer relationship.

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Meta Innovates for SMEs: Spotlight on New Features for WhatsApp Business, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger

Meta unveils new features to assist SMEs in optimizing their presence on WhatsApp Business, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger. Ad creation will be simplified via the WhatsApp Business app, and tools for efficiently filtering prospects and personalizing instant forms are in the pipeline. These innovations, designed to facilitate interaction between businesses and their customers, will roll out in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

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